True Hitchhiker Tales by Jay Bishoff

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In September 2004, Jay Bishoff answered an inner call. Leaving behind his comfortable life in Australia, he flew to New York City to set out on a massive, coast-to-coast hitchhiking journey. Armed with a backpack, guitar and the goal of reconnecting with America ‘beneath the radar’, Jay experiences many colourful adventures, including: a jaunt over the Mexican border with an African-American seller of bone-statues, a riveting ride with a world-famous motorcycle designer, and a feast of grass roots musical discoveries across the land. Against a backdrop of a country at war — its people still reeling from the impact of 9/11 — Jay’s faithful account of his journey shines a light on a largely-forgotten modern America: generous, courageous, open-hearted individuals, still willing to take a chance to help a stranger on the side of the road in a land where hitchhiking officially died in the nineties. At a time when media and the modern lifestyle have our fear levels soaring, Jay’s inspiring open-road adventure — into the arms of America by thumb — is an important reminder that ‘courage over fear’ will be required for the preservation of our basic humanity. By Grace and Thumb is an engaging, insightful, often humorous book that tells us all we would ever want to know about hitchhiking, and more..

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